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Our vision


We need new reliable low-carbon lights, maybe retaining the popular original daisy-chain design, in keeping with other designs on the riverfront, but perhaps to also add low-level, unobtrusive safety lighting for the pavement.  We want to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace new energy sources.



Taking care not to obscure the view we want to soften the landscape with some carefully chosen plants. They'll provide shelter for people sitting on benches, and encourage birds and wildlife. In this very built environment, we would like to consider what would have grown naturally here before the area was developed and look at indigenous grasses and plants.



We want to improve the existing seating, protecting a peaceful, quiet place to take in the fresh air and stunning river view - with Canary Wharf to the east and Tower Bridge to the west. STAMP sited the 'zig-zag' bench in the gap left when the much loved Head of Invention sculpture by Eduardo Paolozzi was moved to a new location. This colourful planted temporary bench has helped generate a conversation about what is possible here, while reminding us how vibrant restaurants can coexist with peaceful places to sit and enjoy the view.


Railings & Paving

We need to rethink what we have and maybe improve the appearance of the railings and paving. Our waterside infrastructure needs to withstand wear and tear, fulfil safety obligations and reflect the maritime and industrial heritage.  It could also be beautiful, interesting and more relevant to todays usage.



The Riverside needs new, relevant, subtle wayfinding so people can know where they are and where they're going. They need to know if the St Saviour's Dock footbridge is open to foot traffic as it closes at night and will occasionally close to foot passengers during the day to enable opening to river traffic.  We need signage that can be altered and updated as the area changes and develops.



We want visitors and residents to be able to quickly and easily find out all about this rich and fascinating area. In the process of evidence gathering we have found a treasure trove of local information. We need a new educational resource, possibly with electronic access, where we can share the fascinating and rich history of the area and its evolution.

Donation Boxes


When the Design Museum closed Butler's Wharf Riverside lost a huge asset, not only a cultural destination but also the Head of Invention sculpture by Edward Paolozzi. We would love to have a piece of public art in its place, or perhaps open the space up to a competition, or a temporary 'plinth' to showcase upcoming work.


Basics, bikes and bins

Our conversations with local people often refer back to basics - that cleaning and weeding is simply not being done. We aim to establish clear lines of responsibility for the jetty, including cleaning, weeding, gardening and light bulb replacing, and want to develop a partnership between private and public realm, to provide long-term solutions for the management of the area. 

We want to discourage cyclists from chaining their bikes to the jetty railings. We need new bike racks, positioned safely and out of sight.

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