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To Our Community:

We are pleased to share the Concluding Report of the Butler’s Wharf Riverside Trust. From our founding, the Trust’s stated goal has been “to protect, enhance and preserve Butler’s Wharf Riverside for all its users.” The conclusions outlined below represent the enormous amount of information gathering and learning that we have done over the past four years as we have worked with Shad Thames’ stakeholders to unravel the complicated legal issues surrounding the jetty and to find a positive way forward that meets the needs of all those who use it.

The issues encountered have been complex and numerous and we have worked strenuously to tackle each in turn. We believe both maintenance and capital improvements for the jetty are now within reach and we hope that stakeholders will engage with this work to deliver improvements which will be cleaner, greener, and safer. We believe these changes will ultimately deliver a better environment, increased property values, and better business prospects for our neighbourhood.

2022 marks the jetty’s centenary. In recognition of its 100 years and the important part it has played in the lives of Shad Thames residents - perhaps never more so than over the last two years - we are honoured to have worked on a solution to the jetty’s current problems that is appropriate to its place at the heart of our community and its important role in the history of our great city.

The Stakeholders, including the Boards that represent the residential blocks (Tea Trade Wharf, Spice Quay, Butlers Wharf) and commercial tenants (D&D London, Coco Grill, MB plc, Zaha Hadid Foundation) have all been encouraged to participate in this process. They have been supplied full costings and a draft new legal agreement, which together with the documents here provides a solution to the problems that have beset this important space for so long.  

We are grateful to everyone who has supported the work of the Trust, including our talented partners Ludwig Willis, and we are delighted to have successfully reached this moment. We warmly commend these proposals, supported by Southwark Council, our elected representatives, and neighbourhood groups STAMP and STRA, to you.

Emma Sanderson-Nash

Kathleen Hogan Ehrlich

Hamish McCallum

The Tide Line

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